Divided Blade Rotor
The next generation propeller blade
References / History
Please find below a number of references about the development, studies and further infos for the "Divided Blade Rotor". Kindly contact us if you have any question about implementing this technology in your products.
11.2016  Simple Propeller Test with electric engine
These 2 links show short film of the Divided Blade,  where energy consumption, air-mass-data, and the created thrust can be observed.



03.2014  Aircraft Prop – by Dan Johnson
A very interesting article about obeservations on a UL airplain using the divided blade rotor – some true facts… and further indications of its potential....


02.2012  TEDx Talks
4-minute presentation, explaining the dynamics and detailed background info for what is behind this radical invention of the divided blade rotor.

As the presentation is in original language, please select in the YouTube screen the subtitle button (just right to the settings button) - to turn on the subtitles.

08.2008  Patent of the "Divided Blade Rotor"
Publication No.: US7396208

Mahmood H. Hussain applied for the US Patent of the "Divided Blade Rotor" No. 7396208 in 2005. The publication was finally made in August 2008. The patent officer has investigated the claim for an unusual lengthy time of over 3 years and concluded that this design is an absolute novelty in the propeller design.


Gold Medal Certificate
    by the 2nd International Invention Fair of the Middle East

Awarded to Mr. Mahmood H. Hussain

Mark Rosendahl
mail:  mark@horizonwaves.com  (info, sales, production)

Mahmood H. Hussain
mail:  mh@aerospark.eu  (inventor & patent owner)

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